Be a Farm Hand

Do you love FARM STEW?

Good! So do we! That’s why we’re committed to spreading the recipe of abundant life!

When you heard about the work, did it resonate with you at a deep level?

That’s called passion and that is why you are perfect for the job of being a Farm Hand!!

Do you love helping people but are tired of the type of help that ultimately hurts?

We are too! We want families to work together, children to thrive, and God to be honored in all we do.

So, you might ask, “What can I do?”

You can further the mission of FARM STEW locally by becoming a Farm Hand.

Farm Hands are individuals whose passion and commitment to FARM STEW drives them to invite others to get involved in living a more abundant life as well. Farm Hands work to develop, promote, and engage people across the US.

Every Farm Hand will use their unique gifts, skills, and experiences in a variety of ways to further FARM STEW's reach.

Become a Farm Hand

FARM STEW believes that volunteers, called Farm Hands, who are passionate about the mission are the individuals best poised to "share the recipe" in communities in the United States and beyond.  Farm Hands will invite others to join them in Farm Crews.

Am I qualified? Do you possess any of the following?

  • Passion for the mission
  • WIllingness to learn to communicate the mission
  • A skill we can’t afford to hire
  • A new sphere of influence
  • A willingness to ask others to support the mission financially

Is this you?

Then submit your name below! We'll be in touch! If you want to see how to start up as a fundraiser click here!