Learn to Garden

There are "Food Deserts" all over the world, places where it is hard for local people to get fresh, local produce. In Zimbabwe, for a family to buy, "5 a day", the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, it would cost them on average 52% of their income. Who can afford that? 

Even in wealthier countries, it's still not easy for many families to afford to eat healthily. FARM STEW began as an idea while our founder, Joy Kauffman, was working for her county health department in rural Illinois. She realized that thousands of people that live all around agricultural land don't eat enough fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy. Her efforts to promote five farmers markets resulted in an increase of sales by 30% for participating growers. Better yet is the option for families to grow and preserve their own food.

Do you want to have a productive garden? There are many resources but here's our favorite. It's called Born to Grow, an Online Gardening University.

We hope you will take the first step to FARM STEW living at home by getting planting!