Learn to Garden

COVID-19 has raised concerns for millions of people who desire a safe source of fresh, local produce.

Even before COVID-19, in Zimbabwe, for a family to buy, "5 a day", the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, it would cost them on average 52% of their income. Who can afford that? 

In America, it's not easy for many families to afford to eat healthily, especially now.

Let's change that reality!!

Do you want to have a productive garden? Do you want to share garden produce with others you love?

There are many resources to help you, but here are a few of our favorites.

  • Born to Grow, an Online Gardening University. You'll find articles and videos for free and access to a club with webinars and more!
  • Foundations for Farming was born in Zimbabwe and these audio files provide a Biblical basis and skills to practice conservation agriculture.

We hope you will take the first step to FARM STEW living by planting your own garden today!