Naki's Story
Uganda, Africa
"I am 14 years old, and I started my period this year. My first day I felt shy and I missed school... It is not easy to find pads in my village and the few here are very expensive to buy. These new pads are going to protect me when I am having my period. Since they are reusable, I am not going to worry anymore when my periods come!"

Freedom from Shame

Everyday thousands of African girls drop out of school. WHY? Their monthly cycle, period.  You can help these girls stay in school with washable cloth pads, panties and confidence for 15$ per girl.
Our goal is 5000 girls in 2020!

Uganda, Africa
Irene's life will be transformed when your gifts bring clean water to her community
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Every $2 given to FARM STEW will be matched by $1 by Water4, up to $84,000.

Freedom from Disease and Drudgery

2,300 people die each day due to water-borne diseases. Your gift can provide clean Water for $15 per person.  Safe water not only improves health; it provides an opportunity for FARM STEW, in partnership with local churches, to quench the spiritual thirst of those in need.

A Recipe for
Abundant Life

YOUR gifts confront the root causes of hunger, disease and poverty!
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What is


FARM STEW's mission is to improve the health and well-being of poor families and vulnerable people throughout the world.

Your gifts reach countries where 1 in 3 children are severely malnourished.

Together with you, FARM STEW equips and mobilizes local Christian trainers who share practical skills that equip people to help themselves.

 Why?  So “… that they may have life more abundantly." Jesus in John 10:10

Your gifts are used to share the recipe!


We train families in hands-on, community-based, public health practices in nutrition, sustainable agriculture, temperance, water and sanitation with the goal to achieve food security, improve health and family wellbeing.

Our Motivation

What motivates us? Jesus said that He came that we might have life and have it abundantly. We believe that He desires that life to begin in the here and now and that He intended His followers to share life with all.

World Mission

Our ultimate objective is to share the love of Jesus, with all. We do so by focusing on our eight "ingredients" of health and wellness. Everything we do is evidence based and Bible-based.

The Ingredients

A Recipe for Healthy Living

By examining the contributing factors leading to global hotspots of health and longevity, we’ve developed FARM STEW, a recipe for abundant life.

Our Pilot Program

Est. 2015


Uganda possesses a unique blend of natural resources that offer tremendous potential.   Fresh water is abundant, 34% of the land is arable, and its climate permits two or even three harvests per year.  Yet,
 - 61% of Ugandans live on less than $2 a day
 - 35% of Ugandan children are malnourished, and
 - Rural children have a 45% higher rate of death. 

FARM STEW sees potential in Uganda. Our training equips vulnerable people with the necessary skills to improve their lives and the country as a whole.

So far, our team of 7 Ugandans has trained over 18,000 people. We reach them one family, one village at a time.


"I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly." John 10:10

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We place the success of our efforts in the hands of God. Our petition is that you pray for us, that God may continue to guide and lead FARM STEW. Take a moment to let us know you are supporting us in prayer, to help build and encourage our teams.


Many of our efforts are not feasible without the support from individuals like you. 95% of all donations go to Africa. Take a look at how you can help.

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Improve the health and well-being of poor families thorughout the world.