August 13, 2020

Freedom From Shame Thank You Message

Betty Mwesigwa

As schools re-open and resume education, the need for girls’ menstrual hygiene has never been greater. Many girls have deep shame when they begin menstruating that brings their education to a halt.

Girls who received the Freedom From Shame pack.

FARM STEW brings dignity to African girls by training and equipping them with reusable cloth pads, panties, Biblical health education, and a cloth bag
(made by FARM STEW's Deaf Sewing Enterprise).

It's what we call Freedom from Shame!

Our goal for this year is to help 5,000 girls.

For $15 you can change their lives forever by giving them Freedom from Shame!

Click here to learn more, donate or become a fundraiser!

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Betty Mwesigwa