November 13, 2018

Love at first bite!

Joy Kauffman, MPH

You may have experienced the challenge of feeding your kids or grandkids a new, healthy food. Sometimes they go for it and sometimes it’s a struggle. At least that’s the case in my home.

In the rural, poor villages in Africa, where FARM STEW works, it’s entirely different. The kids are so excited by our hands-on cooking classes that there is always a crowd of them by the time food is ready to be served. FARM STEW trainers take joy in helping the children and serving as a model for their parents.

It reminds me of Jesus, inviting the little children to come unto Him. They come and I’ve never seen even one refuse the FARM STEW foods.

The kids above from Eastern Uganda are tasting “soy scrambled eggs” with a “rainbow pot” (mixed vegetables and soybeans) for the first time.

These high protein foods and vegetables will help them grow. Then, as their families are trained, they can help their parents grow these foods. It’s an excellent way for families to work together. You are sharing and it’s always love at first bite!

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Joy Kauffman, MPH
Joy is the passionate founder of FARM STEW.