November 28, 2017

Meet Bakar, subsistance farmer turned FARM STEW Volunteer Village Mobilizer

Betty Mwesigwa

Bakar is a small farmer living in Naluko Village, Iganga District. He has attended two Nutrition and cooking classes organized by FARM STEW Uganda. He testifies that ever since the training was conducted in his village, he no longer buys medicine for flu and cough. Bakar narrates of how his twins were regularly disturbed by flu and now all he does is to mix the traditional concoction of garlic, lemon, and honey to suppress the ailment. 

Bakar used to mobilize fellow small farmers to participate in FARM STEW training. His mates have requested him to invite them whenever an opportunity for a training arises. Bakar owns a kitchen garden which he developed with the help of wife after training.

He boasts of how his kitchen garden is able to provide more than enough vegetables for his family and his ability to provide for his children and wife without spending much money. Bakar attributes his success to FARM STEW in its bid to improve the health and wellbeing of rural farm families’ throughout the world. 

Bakar appeals to individuals who missed the opportunity to participate in the training to consult with him and other farmers who acquired various skills in nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and sanitation.

Bakar and his wife Namusbya Saluwha thrive on subsistence farming. By selling some of the farm produce and vegetables from their kitchen garden, they’ve managed to sustain their family.

Saluwha, Bakar, and Robert check out the family garden while their youngest looks through the trees!

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Betty Mwesigwa