October 18, 2021

Latrine Slabs for South Sudan!

Joy Kauffman, MPH

FARM STEW South Sudan communities requested latrine digging tools and latrine covers (also known as slabs) to dig their latrines and cover them with suitable modern, long-lasting slabs. It was challenging to certify FARM STEW homes due to the lack of well-constructed latrines. FARM STEW responded to South Sudan's need for tools and latrine slabs for the communities, and as of recently, these tools and slabs are in the hands of the community members. The communities that received these were the Magwi, Obbo, and Omeo payams of Magwi county in the eastern equatorial state Torit.

Latrine Slabs and Digging Tools Arrived in Magwi

Otto Lazarus, the head of the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) department and representative of the local authority in Magwi county, is excited about the new latrine slabs that the communities have received and states that they are 'for the benefit of their families and themselves. Also, in considering the positive effects these slabs will have on the communities in Magwi county, Mr. Lazarus mentioned the need for FARM STEW to extend their service to other villages so that South Sudan can experience the benefits of efficient latrines.

Many village women came out to celebrate their new latrine slabs from FARM STEW South Sudan, a gift from you, our dear donors!
Community members receiving their latrine slabs

The community members were so happy to receive the latrine slabs and digging tools. They assembled to celebrate this exciting moment. Another step toward freedom from drudgery and disease!

We anticipate that these materials will promote improvement in the community's health, specifically reducing vector-borne diseases. Overall, these slabs will allow the communities to live an abundant life!

The arrival of the slabs has promoted freedom from shame for the community members. Most respondents who expressed their happiness stated that they used to wait all day until evening to use the latrine. But now, they are comfortable and able to relieve themselves whenever they need to.

Latrine with a new slab

FARM STEW is committed to promoting a reduction in the open defecation in the communities where they serve. So far, there's a decrease in cases of watery stools/diarrhea. This improvement shows that FARM STEW is working tirelessly to impact Magwi and South Sudan communities significantly. The delivery of these slabs will help achieve these goals even quicker!

FARM STEW Recipients with their new latrine slabs

Magwi county received a total of 350 latrine slabs out of the sum of 1400 slabs purchased. The total cost for all 1400 slabs purchased was $56,000, and the total cost for the digging tools was $5,250. Additional charges for transportation and distribution came to $2,500. The total cost for this project was $63,750.

Many thanks to our supporters! Without you, projects like these would not be possible.

Posted by 
Joy Kauffman, MPH
Joy is the passionate founder of FARM STEW.