February 9, 2021

Wau!! Wow!


According to UNICEF, 40% of South Sudanese lack food and an estimated 360,000 children under five years old are actively starving.

Closer to home, the SDA Church in Wau, South Sudan, where we conducted FARM STEW training in October 2020, has 40 children that are clinically malnourished. But thanks to your generous “YES” and the work of the FARM STEW trainers, we know that can change!

How do we know? Because we are launching training that your generous support is making possible. 52 church leaders from the entire region will be descending upon Wau in mid-February to be equipped with the recipe for abundant life.

Doreen Arkangelo, FARM STEW's Training Coordinator in South Sudan teaching with our flip chart.
FARM STEW training class in a church in Wau, South Sudan
Pastor Paul, teaching about the FARM STEW food guide, complete with a Rainbow!

The trainees in October 2020 decided to skip several meals and collectively pooled the saved the money to buy bicycles for two volunteers that are becoming FARM STEW Trainers and also a sign, pointing the way to the future FARM STEW Office in South Sudan!

The faith and optimism of Pastor Paul, who was trained by FARM STEW when Joy was in South Sudan in October 2019, has been a driving force behind getting FARM STEW to Wau.
The States that trainees will be coming from across Greater Bar El-Ghazal Field
The new FARM STEW Volunteers are thrilled with bicycles and flip charts that will help them share the recipe of abundant life!

To see the full training plan, see the South Sudan GBF FARM STEW Training- Feb 2021.

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