5 Freedom Priorities in 2021


Our Projects

To successfully shape change, we continually work on the following projects.

Irene is one of 663 million people who lack access to clean water. The handpump in her village broke years ago, along with 30% of all the pumps in Africa. Now FARM STEW is providing a local source of hope for the water situation to quench their physical and spiritual thirst ($15 per person).
Tippy Taps
Simple technology like a Tippy Tap, that can provide flowing water, combined with soap or ash, can clean hands with limited waste. FARM STEW promotes Tippy Taps for all homes!
Washable Pads for Girls
Around the world many women and girls do not have access to sanitary napkins, clean private toilets, or hygienic ways to take care of their periods. We are bringing dignity to girls by training and equipping them with the tools they need.
Family Gardens
To enable rural families to be self-sustaining and provide an opportunity for business, we supply the initial seeds and tools needed to begin a garden. They do the rest with the help of our FARM STEW trainers!
Our FARM STEW trainers emphasize the principles of each of our eight ingredients in the classes we teach. Hands-on practical activities make the lessons come alive and help participants thrive!

The Board of Directors of FARM STEW International approved the following 5 priorities for 2021.
All activities are contingent on the donation of sufficient funds from loving people like you!

Priority 1: Freedom from Dependency

FS Goal: Each of our 5 FARM STEW Training Teams will lead hands-on agricultural, nutrition, sanitation and enterprise training ($37/class) 4 days per week. They engage at least 60 FARM STEW volunteers who work house-to-house to implement FARM STEW. The average cost for the effort and supplies of each training team is $5,000 per month.

Outcome: Teams will certify 3,000 FARM STEW Homes and train 50,000 people.

Priority 2: Freedom from Shame

FS Goal: FARM STEW’s menstrual hygiene education, including wash-able cloth pads, and panties, help girls stay in school leading to healthier future families.

Outcome: Help 5,000 young girls stay in school ($15 per girl).

Priority 3: Freedom from Disease & Drudgery

FS Goal: 2,300 people die due to waterborne diseases every day, most of them are children. Women and children spend hours every day walking to and hauling home dirty water. We’ve engaged a local drilling company that can drill new wells for $7000 and repair broken ones for $2,500 (~$15 per person).

Outcome: 20 wells repaired and 30 new wells drilled will bless 15,000 people.

Priority 4: Freedom to Share Globally

FS Goal: FARM STEW Recipe Curriculum contains detailed guidance for the recipe for abundant life. It’s designed so anyone can learn and apply the lessons of FARM STEW as “Planters” who can effectively share the recipe in their context and language.

Outcome: Distribute the expanded FARM STEW Recipe through E-learning farmstew.teachable.com and hard copy. Translate and distribute it in Spanish, Swahili and Arabic as well as in English.

Priority 5: Freedom to Grow!

FS Goal: Develop partnerships that will leverage existing networks to “share the recipe” in efficient ways to maximize the impact of FARM STEW.

Outcome: FARM STEW Programs will launch in partnership with like-minded organizations, Universities, Ministries of Health, etc. to expand the impact.

FARM STEW’s 2020 Need TOTAL = $675,000