Fresh, detoxifying & in abundance for grains, legumes, & for our bodies

Clean Water Consumption

Our bodies, and plants, demand a constant replenishing of water for optimal health. For the people served by FARM STEW significant time of every day is spent fetching water that is often of a substandard quality. We hope to change that whenever and wherever possible by increasing the access to high quality water and the consumption and use thereof.

"You shall be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."  Isaiah 58:11
Soaking Seeds

Water activates enzymes in dried seeds, like grains and legumes, making the nutrients easier to digest. The ancient African way to prepare most foods involved a preliminary soak of 10 hours or more, yet with mechanical processing, these techniques are abandoned. FARM STEW reminds villagers of these traditional ways, thereby maximising the nutrition, essential in limited diets.

Encouraging Hydration

The World Health Organization, indicates to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. Very few people currently drink that amount of water, especially families whose access to clean water is limited or distant. This simple change in an individual's diet can have dramatic effects in both preventing and treating many illnesses.

Clean Water Accessibility

Thousands of people die every day due to waterborne diseases, most of them are children. Generous FARM STEW supporters made it possible to hire local drilling companies that have drilled or repaired wells in 55 FARM STEW Certified Communities, transforming the lives of at least 16,500 who live there! We hope to drill/repair many more in the future thanks to your support providing "Freedom from Disease and Drudgery!"

Our Water Projects

Below are a few of the projects we are currently working on and ways you can get involved.

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Irene is one of 663 million people who lack access to clean water. The handpump in her village broke years ago, along with 30% of all the pumps in Africa. Now FARM STEW is providing a local source of hope for the water situation to quench their physical and spiritual thirst ($15 per person).
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Our FARM STEW trainers emphasize the principles of each of our eight ingredients in the classes we teach. Hands-on practical activities make the lessons come alive and help participants thrive!