We train families in hands-on, community-based, public health practices in nutrition, sustainable agriculture, temperance, water and sanitation with the goal to achieve food security, improve health and family wellbeing.

Our Motivation

What motivates us? Jesus said that He came that we might have life and have it abundantly. We believe that He desires that life to begin in the here and now and that He intended His followers to share life with all.

World Mission

Our ultimate objective is to share the love of Jesus, with all. We do so by focusing on our eight "ingredients" of health and wellness. Everything we do is evidence based and Bible-based.

The Ingredients

Helping people help themselves and others with the recipe for abundant life

By examining the contributing factors leading to global hotspots of health and longevity, we’ve developed FARM STEW, a simple, yet powerful recipe for abundant life. Your gifts help people help themselves through simple, hands-on “ingredients” that give abundant life. Donors that partner with FARM STEW equip trainers to go out and train desperately poor families and vulnerable people so they can thrive with their own hands! FARM STEW’s mission is to equip families to fight, prevent hunger, disease and poverty. The eight ingredients are:

Amazing Facts FARM STEW Interview with Pastor Doug Batchelor

Our Pilot Program

Est. 2015


Uganda possesses a unique blend of natural resources that offer tremendous potential.   Fresh water is abundant, 34% of the land is arable, and its climate permits two or even three harvests per year.  Yet,
 - 61% of Ugandans live on less than $2 a day
 - 35% of Ugandan children are malnourished, and
 - Rural children have a 45% higher rate of death. 

FARM STEW sees potential in Uganda. Our training equips vulnerable people with the necessary skills to improve their lives and the country as a whole.

So far, our team of 7 Ugandans has trained over 18,000 people. We reach them one family, one village at a time.