Freedom from Dependency

You give freedom by enabling people to help themselves!

FARMSTEW is about more than just teaching a man to fish. Our local FARM STEW trainers teach classes in farming, nutrition and enterprise, while demonstrating the importance of a positive attitude, adequate rest and temperance in order to help the families they serve enjoy freedom from dependency.

Sustainable Gardens and Farms

Join us at FARM STEW, where your support fosters thriving gardens and farms. Help families grow nutritious food on their land, fueling health and financial stability. They'll learn to cook delicious plant-based meals, save money that would’ve been spent at the market, and potentially even transform their gardens into a small business. Together, we can sow seeds of change, cultivating freedom from dependency. Your contribution makes a world of difference - help us grow the dream today!

Read about sustainable gardens and farms in action!
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Healthy Plant-based Meals

Mrs. Mukisa was skeptical about making soy milk - how could a seed produce milk? But under FARM STEW trainer Joanita's guidance, she started pounding soaked soybeans in a mortar. To her astonishment, signs of milk appeared even before they added water! Join us at FARM STEW and discover the joy of creating healthy plant-based meals from simple seeds.

Learn more about what changed Mrs. Mukisa’s mind and how it transformed her life!
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Overcoming Malnutrition

Too many parents and caregivers are left to watch the life fade from their children as a result of malnutrition. FARM STEW fights this preventable tragedy by teaching parents and caregivers about proper nutrition and care of infants and children. The goal: Everyone, no matter what age, should have the chance to live an abundant life.

Barely a year old, little Faridha almost lost her chance. Read how FARM STEW trainer Phionah helped both Faridha, and her mother, Zirya, overcome malnutrition to live an abundant life.
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Thriving Families

By supporting Freedom from Dependency, you help families transition from merely surviving to truly thriving.  Your gifts help educate parents and children on financial growth, spiritual wellness, and the importance of physical health, rest and family planning. Together, we can build resilient homes free from the grips of addiction. Join us in this journey today!

Watch how FARM STEW is helping families, like Ruth and Patrick’s, thrive.
Freedom From Shame

Let's get you involved!

$37 for a one-day class - this is the average cost for sending a trainer out with supplies to conduct a full day, hands-on, Bible-based training.

$84 for one family (trainer for a year) —is the average cost of training a family for a year. This number comes from multiplying $37 per class, 50 classes a year (weekly), divided by the average class size (22 participants).

$148 a month of weekly classes for a community

$1850 is for a year of training in a village ($37 per class x 50 weeks)

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