#1 Freedom from Dependency

Empower self-sufficiency with farming and healthy habits

FARM STEW is about more than just teaching a man to fish; it empowers families to thrive! Our local FARM STEW trainers teach classes in farming, nutrition and enterprise, while demonstrating the importance of a positive attitude, adequate rest and temperance in order to help the families they serve enjoy freedom from dependency.

Grow sustainable gardens and farms

When you give to Freedom from Dependency, you help families to grow food on their own land,  benefiting both their health and finances. Soon nutrient dense food is available, they learn to cook healthy plant-based meals, and they save money that may have been spent on food and medicine at the market. When their farming practices improve, these gardens can become a small enterprise, leading to freedom from dependency.  

Read about sustainable gardens and farms in action!


Prepare healthy plant-based meals

When I first heard about soy milk, I thought it was a joke. I wondered how a seed could produce milk. Only animals can do that!” exclaimed Mrs. Mukisa. She stifled a giggle as she listened to FARM STEW trainer Joanita teach about turning soybeans into milk. The next day, Joanita brought her soaked soybeans and put them into the mortar. She asked Mrs. Mukisa to start pounding the soybeans. She reluctantly began. However, to her surprise, something began to happen. “Guess what? Even before we poured water into the mortar, I already saw a sign of milk!

Learn more about plant-based meals.

Thriving families

Your decision to support Freedom from Dependency transitions families from surviving to thriving. Your gifts train dads, moms, and children how to have healthy mindsets to make financial and spiritual progress, how to treat and respect their precious bodies with daily and weekly rest and child spacing, and how to strengthen families against addictions that tear homes apart.

Watch more about thriving families.

Make a difference!

Your first step to create self-sufficient families and communities begins here.  Give a family Freedom from Dependency by designating your gift today!