#3 Freedom from Drudgery and Disease

Use of clean water, latrines & cookstoves

Communities that, with the help of FARM STEW trainers, construct their own private latrines and hygiene promoting structures; build low-smoke and solar-powered cookstoves and are  provided with clean, safe water enjoy Freedom from Drudgery and Disease.Your gifts make clean, safe water and sanitation possible, the preparation of food safer, convenient, and more affordable, and the replacement of distant, contaminated water sources with local borehole wells more achievable.

Access pure water

Have you ever tasted brown, opaque water when you were thirsty? Well, this is life for millions of families around the world who don't have another choice! No one deserves to drink muddy, contaminated water, or to be at risk when going to fetch water! What can you do? By giving to Freedom from Drudgery and Disease, you are donating boreholes to bring safe, clean, affordable, and reliable drinking water closer to home protecting women and girls from dangerous people and animals that they may otherwise have encountered along the way to a water source miles away. This means moms have more time to farm, and children more time to stay in school, and play!  

So far FARM STEW has drilled or repaired 77 wells blessing over 23,000 people with the gift of clean drinking water thanks to you! Will you give today to help more people be free from Drudgery and Disease?

Read about clean drinking water in action!


Construct latrines and tippy-taps

Two out of every five people in the world have no flush, safe toilets; they use open pits, or go to the fields, forests, bushes, lakes, and rivers to defecate. This is an affront to the dignity, health and wellbeing of millions of girls and women. A simple latrine reduces the risk of exposing girls and women to sexual exploitation and personal safety. With your precious gift to Freedom and Drudgery and Disease, you construct private latrines that safely deal with human waste, avoid contamination, and the propagation of disease.

Read about clean drinking water in action!


Build efficient cookstoves

Did you know the number one killer of children under five years old is respiratory infections?A huge contributor to those infections is indoor cooking fires, which pour smoke into the lungs of those present while cooking, usually women and children. The traditional fires also consume a large amount of fuel, which mothers and their children spend a good part of the day collecting. Thus a life of drudgery and disease. Families can be taught how to build stoves made from mud, old bricks, and a few sticks! These stoves (sometimes called rocket stoves) are practically free to make and rescue the lungs of mothers and young children. This equates to Freedom from Drudgery and Disease!

Learn more about efficient cookstoves and how to make one in your backyard!

Make a difference!

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