Freedom from Shame

All girls should experience freedom from shame and humiliation.

Everyday, young girls feel shame and embarrassment due to their menstrual cycle. Without access to supplies or education, these girls are left to fend for themselves, often leading them to miss or drop out of school, continuing the cycle of shame, early pregnancies and marriage, and poverty. However, you can give freedom to these girls by providing them with the materials they need to stay in school, as well as assuring them of their worth and beauty as a woman in God’s eyes!

Promote Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation and women’s health are often considered taboo subjects. However, FARM STEW is working to break the silence by educating girls on how to properly care for and appreciate their bodies through training on sanitation, health, and the distribution of reusable pads. Now, girls can live lives free of fear and shame.

Read Jennifer and Florence’s story and the impact that this training has had on their school.
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Help Girls Stay In School

Your heartfelt gifts to FARM STEW are lighting up lives! Joan, one of over 20,000 beneficiaries, gratefully shares how your generosity eased her menstrual struggles with the provision of AFRIPads and Hygiene Kits. Now attending school regularly isn’t a problem and  her academic performance soared! Imagine the power of your contribution. You're not just giving a gift. You're changing a life. Let's continue to support more young girls  like Joan's. Your gifts are making a difference.

Read Joan’s letter here

Enhance Girls Self-worth

With freedom from shame and embarrassment comes dignity and self-worth. As girls stay in school and finish their education, they are given the opportunity to pursue goals and aspirations that would otherwise be impossible. Furthermore, through menstrual hygine and women’s health education, they are empowered through the knowledge of their value and worth not only as women, but as daughters of God.

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Freedom From Dependency
Freedom from Drudgery and Disease

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$15 will give a girl a menstrual hygiene pack with at least 4 washable pads and 2 panties and education for her whole school

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