#2 Freedom from Shame

Teach menstrual health education and management

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and it can lead to improved health and wellbeing! Families and schools who learn and practice Biblical guidance related to sanitation and provide girls in schools with menstrual hygiene education and supplies enjoy freedom from sickness and shame.

Helping girls stay in school

Joan is one among more than twenty thousand young women whose life has been changed by your gifts that have been used by FARM STEW to purchase of AFRIPads and Hygiene Kits. She said in a letter, "I really went through a hard time when I didn't have menstrual pads… It made my academics very difficult whereby I could be read [scored] amongst the last students yet I am very bright."

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Reduce teen pregnancy

Pages from books are intended for reading but far too often it might be the last resort for young women who want to stay in school–and these methods seldom work. Many girls in developing countries drop out of school when they begin having monthly periods. The embarrassment, shame, and sheer inconvenience sends them back home to housework and often early marriage or teenage pregnancy. This can mean that the cycle of poverty begins again. However, designated gifts to Freedom from Shame changes the life of a young woman. She is empowered to continue her education and help herself. Will you change her life?

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Make a difference!

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