#4 Freedom to Prosper

Train in the principles of money management & business basics

FARM STEW teaches an important set of skills and an attitude that promotes hard work, saving, and business. Our local trainers start Local Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) and farming cooperatives that assist families and develop communities. These can lead to health food manufacturing and agriculture-related enterprises that can fund FARM STEW activities contributing to the Freedom to Grow.  

Establish village savings and loans associations and farmers' cooperatives

Your gifts to Freedom to Grow gives responsible families the training they need to establish their own livelihood through finance management and entrepreneurship. Not only does this mean our support helps FARM STEW trainers to establish Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) where community members learn to save and can receive loans to expand/start businesses in which the villagers themselves collect interest on their shares but you also help lay the foundation for businesses. Your help gives people the tools they need to create sustainable income for their family and community.

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Launch local business initiatives

At the village level, your gifts also create small markets for FARM STEW participants to purchase and sell seedlings, grains, and value-added products. Income gained from these businesses goes directly into the community. That means your dollar, now invested in local FARM STEW businesses, increases in value when it is given!Additionally, your contribution to Freedom to Grow can be invested in larger agricultural or health food manufacturing businesses that fund FARM STEW training in that region. For example, donors have made a high value cashew and mango farm partnership in Salima, Malawi, possible. Now, when the farm begins to see returns, the income will stay in Malawi and go directly to FARM STEW’s work to reach the most vulnerable households. When you give to the Freedom to Grow priority, your gifts grow!

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Make a difference!

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