Freedom to Prosper

Financial independence brings freedom!

When individuals have financial independence, they are able to help themselves and truly experience freedom! FARM STEW teaches an essential set of skills and an attitude that promotes hard work, saving, and business. Our local trainers start Local Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) and farming cooperatives that assist families and develop communities. This gives them the freedom to prosper, providing for themselves and their families now and in the future.

Biblical Money Management

An essential part of living a truly abundant life includes learning to manage one's finances. This is why the FARM STEW curriculum includes Biblical money management principles. Trainers teach individuals to make wise financial decisions, enabling them to take care of the present and save for the future. These principles bring peace of mind and financial freedom!

Read how Biblical money management transformed Musa and his friends' lives!
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Savings and Loan Associations

Financial security is no easy task. It can be difficult for families to provide for themselves and their families, let alone save for a rainy day. FARM STEW Village Savings and Loans (VSAL) programs bring security and stability through community members who are financially invested in themselves and their neighbors. These programs provide members with capital to create small businesses, pay for large expenses, and send their children to school. Furthermore, they give security for unexpected emergencies. These programs bring self-reliance and dignity to the community, which are part of living an abundant life!

What does a VSAL look like?
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Local Business Initiatives

Encouraging small businesses had a two-fold benefit. First, it provides families with income and independence. Second, it promotes the growth of the local economy, continuing to benefit the surrounding individuals and communities. After receiving training in small-scale gardening, many start their own gardens, selling their extra produce for income. Others make soymilk and other food products to sell. Empowering individuals and families with the ability to provide for themselves gives them the freedom to prosper and live an abundant life!

Find out how small businesses impact individuals, communities, and FARM STEW!
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$75 buys supplies for a Village Saving and Loan Association
$100 helps a family launch a small business

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