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What do you do with good news? You share it! And the recipe for abundant life is definitely good news.The FARM STEW Recipe Curriculum contains detailed guidance on the principles and practices for healthy, happy living. The FARM STEW Recipe Manual and user-friendly training materials are now in eight languages and printed on four continents. Our partners (organizations, universities, and individuals) apply, contextualize and disseminate the FARM STEW curriculum so that everyone can enjoy the freedom to share the recipe for abundant life.

Train And Equip

The key to sharing the FARM STEW recipe is to train and equip not only our trainers but everyone with the ingredients needed to live an abundant life! Using our Bible-based curriculum and materials, individuals are armed with the tools and knowledge to transform their lives and share and teach others. The tiniest pebble can make waves across the whole pond, and just one person equipped with the FARM STEW recipe can change an entire community!

Hear from Moses, a FARM STEW volunteer, as he shares his experience learning and now teaching the FARM STEW recipe.

Curriculum Development

The FARM STEW curriculum is essential to sharing the recipe. It is holistic, practical, Bible-based, and, most importantly, applicable to anyone anywhere! We believe that everyone needs this knowledge, so we continue working to revise and improve the recipe to ensure it is accessible to people of all languages and cultures. This includes translating our manual, visuals, and other materials so everyone can learn the recipe for abundant life!

Read more about current and upcoming translations of the FARM STEW Recipe Curriculum.
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Share The Recipe

The FARM STEW recipe is not only shared by trainers in rural villages but in homes, churches, and online! In addition to the Recipe Manual, flipcharts provide helpful visuals and illustrations to help trainers in their work. The FARM STEW Pantry provides helpful teaching tips to equip trainers with the knowledge and tools they need to share the recipe effectively with others. And finally, the online E-learning course provides the FARM STEW curriculum to anyone and everyone who wants to learn! Furthermore, we take every opportunity to share the mission and message of FARM STEW, including radio, television, and more!

Watch Joy as she shares the FARM STEW recipe!
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