#5 Freedom to Share

Translate, print, & distribute curriculum

The FARM STEW Recipe Curriculum contains detailed guidance that leads to abundant life. The 400+ page FARM STEW Recipe Manual and user-friendly training materials are now in 8 languages and have been printed on 4 continents. Our partners (organizations, universities, and individuals) apply, contextualize and disseminate the FARM STEW manual and user-friendly materials so that people can enjoy the Freedom to Share recipe for abundant life.

Disseminate E-learning course

You determine how far and wide FARM STEW reaches into desperate homes. Really, it’s true! FARM STEW Recipe manuals need translating, trainers need training, and teams need flip charts, garden tools, soya seeds, etc… These resources give FARM STEW the Freedom to Share across the world. Generous donors are pushing FARM STEW into new cultures, languages, and regions in ways no one thought possible.Donors like you have expanded FARM STEW training to over 10 countries now! In fact, the FARM STEW E-learning course is now available online for anyone to access with Wi-Fi!

See the Farm Stew manual in Arabic and our parnership with Crown


Distribute the resources electronically, in print, or through mass media

Your contributions go to printing FARM STEW training materials, glow tracts, brochures, banners and many more to create awareness of the Recipe for Abundant Life. Even little children learn from our printing materials by just looking at the pictures. All our lessons are fully and beautifully illustrated with real-life situations making it easy to grasp the concepts that we want to convey. Your donations to FARM STEW Freedom to Share make it possible to put our printed materials into the hands of people who may have never had an opportunity to learn in such an attractive, fun and simple way!

Read more about FARM STEW Manual and flashdrives sent to Cuba


Radio, TV, and E-learning

In many countries radio constitutes the most popular and accessible source of information to poor and illiterate people. FARM STEW Recipe lessons are now being broadcasted through Radio and TV waves. For those who have access to the internet, FARM STEW e-learning courses are now available online and on an app free of charge, thanks to your gift to Share the blessings of an abundant life.

Learn the FARM STEW recipe


Make a difference!

Yes! I want to give FARM STEW the Freedom to Share!