FARM STEW is for the entire family!

We love getting everyone involved in sharing the recipe from the youngest children and their parents to grandmas, grandpas, and everyone in between.

Join Deby Andvik as she shares how the Village SDA Junior Sabbath School has raised money and missionaries by engaging young children to help young children. You can experience the joy of learning and giving by watching!

Inspired by the desperate needs that FARM STEW addresses, these kids began to act. The things they did made a huge impact for FARM STEW, but they were not hard to do. In fact, anyone could do them. Your own kids could take some of these ideas and begin impacting the world through FARM STEW!

Check out these simple and easy ideas!

Kendra sold flower bouquets. How fun is that!

Asher Gathers Leaves and Spreads Hope

Asher's dedication to making a difference is truly inspiring. Watch as he puts his heart into raking leaves, channeling the power of community support to contribute to the cause of FARM STEW. Starting an enterprise to raise money is one of the many ways you can get involved in helping to further our mission. Join Asher in giving to FARM STEW, spreading hope today!

Kristin baked cookies to sell, yummy!

Kirsten works a pretty sweet job working with honey! She is working to help FARM STEW!

These kid's enterprise projects were given some featured time at church!

Joy Kauffman

Let's get you involved!

Make an impact with your gift today
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