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The FARM STEW Recipe is one that intrigues people who hear it, and there is a blessing for all in learning and applying the eight ingredients. The following videos share the miraculous FARM STEW story.

Amazing Facts's President Pastor Doug Batchelor Interviews Joy for a succinct (25 minute) explanation of of FARM STEW:

It Is Written's President, Pastor John Bradshaw, has an in-depth (58-minute) Conversation with Joy, probing the origin story of FARM STEW

Hope Channel International aired this (28 minute) program throughout Africa

3ABN Urban Report, shares a breif update of the activities of FARM STEW in this (28 minute) program:

3ABN Today's host Jason Bradley, explores the latest updates on FARM STEW with Joy Kauffman (55 minutes)

Adventist Review covers what FARM STEW has done to help aroound the globe.

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