Join FARM STEW Crews to make a difference! Our collective philanthropy helps vulnerable families worldwide. Your support fuels training and services for a healthier world. Contact Cherri Olin at 815-878-4897 or sign up at Let's sow seeds of hope together!

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Looking for a fun way to get involved?

Here are some creative ways that members of FARM STEW Crews use to share the recipe!

Feel free to adopt one as your own or come up with one yourself!

FARM STEW welcomes the whole family!

From kids to grandparents, everyone can get involved. In Michigan, the Village SDA Junior Class are inspiring kids to make a difference with enterprises that raise funds for FARM STEW. Simple actions can have a big impact. Your kids can join too!

Check out these simple and easy ideas!

Ways to get involved

Birthday letters

Recently a FARM STEW Crew member celebrated a milestone, her 80th birthday! Instead of seeking gifts, she decided to give. She turned her big day into an opportunity to make a big difference. Writing letters to friends and family across the country, she shared the vision of FARM STEW and invited them to donate in honor of her birthday.  This wonderful idea is a blessing that continues multiplying today!

Birthday card sample

Dear friend, I have been immeasurably blessed to know you. Thank you for your friendship.This month as I celebrate my birthday, I am looking back and counting all of the many blessings God has given me, one of them being you! I have also been considering how I can share what God has given me and be a blessing to others in the coming year. One of the ways I am doing this is through supporting the work of one of my favorite ministries: FARM STEW.

They are doing incredible work around the world. Their training and resources address the root causes of hunger, disease, and poverty within the poorest and most vulnerable populations of the world by sharing God's powerful recipe for an abundant life.FARM STEW works by providing training and resources in the areas of Farming, Attitude, Rest, Meals, Sanitation, Temperance, Enterprise, and Water. While there is not room for me to share all the amazing things they are doing, I encourage you to check out thier website at!

Personally, my favorite part of their work is ________. I have been supporting them for some time now and wondered if you would join me if giving FARM STEW a big “birthday gift.” As I mentioned before, my birthday is just around the corner. I want to do something new and different this year, so I’ve decided to see how much my friends and I can bless FARM STEW. It would be the most wonderful birthday present if you would consider sending them a gift to them in the envelope that I have enclosed, or make your contribution online at and mentioning my name. Thank you in advance for not only being a blessing in my life, but blessing others as well!



One of our creative crew members recently hosted a FARM STEW-themed cooking demonstration that truly was a feast for the senses. She invited our very own founder, Joy, to share the heartwarming tale of FARM STEW's mission and impact. Guess who was stirring up "stew" in the kitchen? A talented young professional cook who prepared an array of FARM STEW foods, turning simple ingredients into eye-catching, nutritious, and oh-so-delicious meals!

The attendees got to savor these mouthwatering dishes while soaking in the inspiring story of FARM STEW.
Why not host your own FARM STEW meal? Gather your friends, family, and community, and let's turn your dining table into a stage for change!You can choose from our selection of delicious FARM STEW recipes or put on your chef's hat and create your own. Remember, it's not just about the food. It's about connecting, sharing, and inspiring others one plate at a time.

Let's get you involved!

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