Five Freedom Priorities

For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but serve one another through love. Galatians 5:13

These five Freedom Priorities guide our work.

Freedom from Dependency

FARM STEW believes in empowering families to thrive beyond just teaching them to "fish." Our local trainers impart skills in farming, nutrition, and enterprise, emphasizing the power of a positive attitude, adequate rest, and temperance. This unique approach liberates families from dependency, allowing to enjoy abundant living.

Overcome malnutrition with locally grown food.
Grow sustainable gardens and farms.
Prepare healthy plant-based meals.
Encourage thriving families.

Freedom from Shame

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and it’s a stepping stone to a healthier and happier existence! Families and schools practicing Biblical teachings on sanitation create an environment that naturally repels disease and promotes well-being. Providing girls in schools with menstrual hygiene education and supplies, allows them to enjoy freedom from shame.

Promote menstrual hygiene.
Enable girls to stay in school.
Enhance girls self-worth.
Drudgery & disease

Freedom from Drudgery and Disease

With FARM STEW's guidance, communities build private latrines and hygiene facilities, construct low-smoke and solar cookstoves, and access clean, safe water. This brings Freedom from Drudgery and Disease. Your generous contributions fuel this change, making clean water and sanitation accessible, food preparation safer, and local borehole wells a reality.

Access to pure water.
Construct latrines nad tippy-taps.
Build safe and efficient cookstoves.

Freedom to Prosper

FARM STEW fosters a spirit of hard work, saving, and entrepreneurship through local training initiatives. Our local trainers establish Village Savings and Loans Associations and farming cooperatives that assist families and nurture communities. These programs can stimulate health food production and agricultural businesses, providing sustainable funding for FARM STEW activities.

Teach Biblical money management.
Establish village savings and loan associations and farmers cooperatives.
Encourage local business initiatives.

Freedom to Share

The FARM STEW Recipe Curriculum is a detailed guide to abundant life skils. Our comprehensive 400+ page manual, available in 8 languages and printed across 4 continents, is user-friendly and educational. Partners worldwide—organizations, universities, individuals—apply and share the recipe for abundant life

Train and equip FARM STEW trainers.
Translate the Recipe Curriculum.
Distrubte the resources electronically, in print, or through mass media.
Disseminate E-learning course.

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