Freedom from Drudgery and Disease

You give freedom through the simple blessings of pure water and cleanliness!

Hygiene, sanitation, and safety are key ingredients that give freedom to those who are caught in the cycles of disease and drudgery. Through your support, FARM STEW makes clean, safe water and sanitation possible, the preparation of food safer, and the replacement of distant, contaminated water sources with local borehole wells more achievable.

Clean Drinking Water

A community's source of water is also often a source of danger and disease. Most have no other choice than to walk miles to contaminated water holes each day, often through remote and treacherous areas. However, you can give communities access to clean, safe drinking water through supporting the drilling of local, community wells!

What is it like to walk 4 kilometers to get water every day? Join the journey of the women of Walugoma.
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Latrines and Tippy-taps

Two out of every five people in the world do not have access to safe toilets. Instead, they use open pits, or go to the fields, fortests, bushes, or water sources. This can lead to a host of problems, not to mention the lack of dignity and safety. The construction of affordable latrines can bring privacy, health, and safety to families and communities. Furthermore, tippy-taps provide a simple, easy way to reduce disease and promote cleanliness through handwashing!

Read how latrines are changing lives in South Sudan!
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Safe and Efficient Cookstoves

Did you know that respiratory infections are the leading cause of death for children under the age of five? The leading cause of these infections: the smoke of cooking fires. This silent killer fills the lungs of women and children, causing lasting health problems. However, FARM STEW trainers teach and help families build simple, but life-changing rocket stoves, which not only cut down on smoke inhalation but also the amount of fuel required to keep it going!

Want to learn how to make a Rocket Stove?
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$20 per person for clean water
$6000 average price of a well.

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