Honoring a Legacy and Creating New Legacies

Patti McKenney and her husband David from Michigan have been supporters of FARM STEW for several years. They first became acquainted with FARM STEW after meeting me in Pullman, Michigan during a cooking class I taught at Country Life Natural Foods.Patti explained that she was moved to invest in FARM STEW not just because of the message of abundant life we share, but because of the way we share it: by giving education – not handouts – and hiring local trainers – not foreign staff.

I love how she put it: “...handouts have no long term solution. Whereas, this kind of investment has a lot of return for the dollar.”

Patti shared with me her heart for bringing water to families in need, especially through wells and borehole drilling! In fact, she told me well drilling was in her blood;Patti’s grandfather, father, two uncles, and brother were all well drillers! Feeling moved by the Spirit, I shared with the McKenney family about FARM STEW Legacy Giving where families can give when they or loved ones pass away or even before, with IRA rollovers.At the time, one of Patti’s uncles who had drilled wells was declining in health, and Patti and her husband were anticipating an inheritance from him. After our conversation, Patti and her husband decided that they wanted to invest part of that inheritance as a legacy gift toward drilling wells.

Patti and David (standing left side), Patti’s father, Stanley McKenney (seated), to the right of David, Patti’s brother, Stanley Jr. and his wife Donna. Both Stanley and Stanley Jr. are well drillers.

Since her uncle passed away, the inheritance funds they dedicated as a legacy gift forFARM STEW have been put to use drilling springs of water out of dry, barren ground across Uganda and SouthSudan. Their family’s decision drilled 9 wells that are providing clean, safe water to over 2,700 people. The McKenney family legacy lives on in each of them.Patti, an attorney by trade, now is volunteering to help other families like her own navigate the legal logistics of setting aside legacy gifts for FARM STEW.

I want to extend a huge thanks again to Patti and David for their incredible contribution to the work of FARM STEW and for helping families who can now drink clean water! To reach Patti, call our office at 815-200-4925.

Joy Kauffman

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