Will hope grow in Kaombe this year?

FARM STEW trainers meet with Kaombe community leaders while conducting a baseline study.

Can you imagine walking for 11 hours to go to a meeting? That is just what leaders from Kaombe village in Zambia did late last year. They had heard about the dramatic changes in Kabansa, a FARM STEW-certified village 11 hours away, and they wanted to see it firsthand. 

Kaombe's leaders came to Kabansa with a purpose: to request that FARM STEW come to their village. 

After hearing from these leaders, FARM STEW trainers knew there was a compelling need in Kaombe, so they went early this quarter to conduct a baseline study to learn about the current situation. It didn’t take long to discover Kaombe's desperate need for a more abundant life.

In Kaombe, large fields grow nutrient-poor cereal grains and tobacco, but there are no gardens. Most people eat only one meal a day, and many children are malnourished. Most of the grains are brewed into alcohol, so many are ensnared in addiction, which contributes to hopelessness, anger, and abuse. The only "thriving" enterprise is brewing and selling alcohol or tobacco. 

Members of Kaombe village learn about soymilk!

Few people have a latrine or a way to wash their hands. Water comes from the contaminated Kaombe River, and as if the frequent waterborne diseases were not dangerous enough, one must take their life in their hands to collect water due to crocodiles in the river.

But amazingly, despite the dire circumstances, seeds of hope are being planted in Kaombe village because of you! They now know that Jesus wants them to have an abundant life, but that there is an enemy at work that seeks to do nothing but kill, steal, and destroy. They have chosen to work on the side of Jesus with FARM STEW! Plans are already in place for our trainers to begin training FARM STEW community volunteers who will assist them in transforming Kaombe. The funds you give this year will support their transportation, seeds, trainers, and more. 

The future of these children is looking more hopeful, because of you!

Please keep them in your prayers and watch for future updates on Kaombe’s progress this year!

Hillary H G Zebron, Director - Wilderness Gate, FARM STEW Zambia Leader

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