Training: Norah's Gratitude

 In the video, the bright pink fabric of Norah’s shirt seems to speak to the joy she feels as she shares her story of transformation.

Norah is part of a FARM STEW Women's Group in Wanyange Hill, Eastern Uganda!

Every week fifteen women in brightly colored dresses gather together under the shade of a mango tree to cook. In this rural village in eastern Uganda, there is no electricity nor running water, and yet these women have something many others lack: joy!

What is this celebration?        

It is a FARM STEW training day. The topic of the day is the rainbow dish and making soy scrambled eggs (tofu). A surprising "side dish" is that the community and even marital relationships are getting healthy too!

 The Wanyange Hill FARM STEW women’s group gathers under  a mango tree with Irene (in green) leading.


That’s because the mission of FARM STEW is to promote the health and well-being of poor families and vulnerable people throughout the world.  Our vision is inspired by Jesus's desire that all "may have life and have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). Through FARM STEW training, participants learn to address the root causes of hunger, disease, and poverty, including spiritual and relational poverty.

 Before FARM STEW, Norah had been struggling to feed her four children and there was tension with her husband. But so much has changed.  

She says,    

           “I give my thanks to God, who gave us life. God has enabled you people, the FARM STEW guys, who have brought this message to us. When FARM STEW teaches you, it helps your family, your community, and even your neighbors. Even our husbands are surprised asking, ‘Where did you learn this?’ We always tell them, ‘FARM STEW,FARM STEW!’


TheFARM STEW lessons are not something to hide; you reach somebody’s home, and you can see they were taught FARM STEW. In our homes, the plates talk FARM STEW. In our homes, the song is FARM STEW.”      


 The song in these communities also gives glory, honor, and praise to God for what He has done for them. The hope is that “all nations will come and fall down in worship before You, for Your acts of justice have been revealed(Revelation 15:4 NKJV).

All the women express their great appreciation for Betty andJonah, the two trainers who, every Tuesday for the past five months, have brought the "recipe of abundant life" to them.

Norah and the women in Wanyange Hill are still lacking one thing! Water!

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