“It Flows Like Honey to My Heart”

Boukary shares his gratitude for FARM STEW training.

After attending the in-person onboarding session in Uganda, a fellow Regional Champion and I went to Senegal to lead a Training of Trainers (TOT) event. We had 19 participants from Senegal and other West African countries, including Cameroon, Mali, Congo, and Mauritania. During the training, we witnessed some wonderful things happening in the participants' lives.

For example, one of the participants, Boukary Sidibé, who was once a Lutheran, is now observing the Sabbath with his wife and eight children. He had learned some about the health message of the church and was curious to learn more.  When he was asked to attend the FARM STEW training, it was a blessing for which he was grateful.

Boukary already feels the power of the FARM STEW training in his life. He approached me one day after class and  told me, “You know, FARM STEW teachings flow like honey to my heart." 

Boukary is convinced that  God sent him to the training for a purpose. On graduation day, Boukary sang a song in his local language to show his gratitude to God. It's amazing to see how God works in people's hearts. 

Linda Yapi, Regional Champion West Africa Division

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